Womenaes Health: Addressing Menopause with Medicines

Women always have aversion for menopause. They considered this to be the enemy of their age process.  It always hinders their enjoyment of being a woman. They always hate it and always want to kill it.  But how?

Doctors always have their own dogmas and recommendations about this inevitable stage of a woman’s life. They always seem to have cure in every disease. They are the perfect people to seek to when having troubles like menopause.

Drug medicines are one solution to this problem, if not the only solution. Doctors prescribe every woman who has this kind of condition. It is a woman’s instinct (who is suffering it) to accept the solution. Take it and believe it will ultimately cure it.

Here are some of the drug medicines for menopause:

  • Angelique
  • Climagest
  • Climaval
  • Climesse
  • Clonidine
  • Conjugated Oestrogens
  • Conjugated oestrogens
  • Cyclo-Progynova 2mg
  • Dixarit
  • Drospirenone
  • Dydrogesterone/Estradiol
  • Elleste Solo
  • Estraderm
  • Estradiol hemihydrate
  • Estradiol hemihydrate
  • Estradiol valerate
  • Estradot
  • Estriol
  • Evorel
  • Evorel Conti
  • Evorel Sequi
  • Femapak
  • Fematrix
  • Femoston
  • FemSeven Conti
  • FemSeven patches
  • FemSeven Sequi
  • Harmogen
  • Indivina
  • Kliovance
  • Livial
  • Nuvelle Continuous


With these having listed, it does not automatically follows that you chose from which among of these you will take. You have to be wise in taking medicines, especially for your menopause.

The very best that you can do is consult your health provider regarding your condition. Doctors will prescribe a best medicine for menopause according to the severity of the condition. Only your doctors can recommend the ideal cure for your menopause.

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