What Makes an Alpha Male Truly Alpha? » Adult Matchmaker

What makes an alpha male truly alpha. Here are some essential characteristics.

1. Brains and not brawns anymore The Alpha Man is fully aware that in modern times, men do not have to demarcate his territory, do not have to fight enemies to protect his home and hearth. Our times have encouraged a new breed of intelligent men who use wit and brains to dominate over people. The Alpha Man diligently follows this belief.

2. Knows his mind The Alpha Man is completely focused on his mission in life and actively pursues it with single-minded devotion. A quick decision taker, he works towards fulfilling his pre-determined goals.

3. Man in a perpetual hurry The Alpha Man has not a moment to spare, lose or waste. He has places to go to, people to meet, appointments to keep. Sorry, can’t wait more than 15 minutes for a date to arrive. And regret, not interested in phone calls if it is on call waiting or hold. Call me back if you need me, for I can’t.

4. I come first, and then my life and interests. Rest of the world can follow. Not to be mixed up with being selfish or self-centered. The Alpha Man just sees his own interest first and what satisfies him. He hates being a martyr for other peoples’ interest.

5. Creator of his own world The Alpha Man firmly believes that there is nobody dependable enough to bring fun, joy and merriment into his life. So he creates a wonderful world for himself, a kind of bubble. When a new person walks into his life, he is absolutely sure that the person is impressed by his charisma.

6. Can do without an OK from others The Alpha Man is very conscious that the world built by him is created for him, of him and by him. In that, he rules, he operates with his self-defined code of conduct, his own set moral values and lives exactly the way he wants to. The opinion of others, good or bad, hardly matter to him and he needs nobody’s approval for running his life.

7. A natural risk taker The Alpha Man works to make all his dreams come true. Any life that ends in regret is something he wants to avoid at all costs. If you have dreamt it, reach it. That’s his aim.

8. Can be a good listener too Yes the Alpha Man is “clever” enough to know how to play his card, when and where. Can put his emotional side under harness when he wants to and can listen out a long story at times. For he knows the ones who shout and brag about themselves, are normally insecure, shallow people.