What does it mean to be a Bisexual? Confessions of Bisexual

I am a 24 year old female, young, wild and free yuppie and living a good life. But there’s something in me that I am confusedly keeping to myself and to some close friends whom I trust the most. It is something related to my personal identity, specifically my sexual identity.


To be honest, neither I have an intimate relationship with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. All I can say that is I am vocal with what I feel and therefore, I am capable of being attracted and emotionally attached to both genders in different ways. Maybe I could conclude that I can love more than just one person of a specific gender. – MJC, PH


When it comes to sexual preferences, individuals can go through a lot of confusion. It is a fact that our global society dictates that people can be only be straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual. Determining sexuality is a self battle within that needs to resolved, most especially during the teenage years. But once confusion has passed, one will know what he or she really is.


Bisexuality or bisexual people have the potential to love individuals of their same gender or their opposite sex. The attraction includes physical, sexual and emotional aspect towards men, women, gay or transgender. Even so, as an individual who is honest to the fullest of shouting out to the world that I am attracted to both genders, bisexuality does not necessarily insinuate either one’s lifestyle or sexual behavior.


Concluding one’s sexuality is hard to admit. In fact, the person you are arguing with is your own self. I, for myself have experienced this. At one point and at first, aside from being confused, I am also on the brink of denying it. It’s not easy for me to conclude it because I’m not yet ready, until that time came when I can’t handle it anymore. I’ve finally come out of the closet.


Having to tell your bisexuality to someone is a process. It takes a lot of courage and readiness. Only shout it out to someone when you are more than a hundred percent ready. Expect also that people have varied reactions, some are receptive enough and some might not able to handle it. Talk it out to the people that are close to you and whom you think you can understand what you feel, such as the family, friend, siblings or other trusted adults. Reaching out to these people will enable you to find the support you will need.


Also, keep in mind that there’s nothing to prove that a person is pronounced as bisexual. As aforementioned, identifying your sexuality brings a lot of confusion. In all honestly, I felt the pressure to contemplate and define myself if I belong to homosexuals or heterosexuals. It’s just that for more than a decade, I get easily turned on and have strong feelings towards my own gender as well to the opposite sex. Feelings can be a factor that may indicate one is bisexual. But for me, it’s the way of life one has decided. In other words, no matter what sexuality you choose, it’s who you are, the biggest part of who you are, and nobody can change it but you.


As what Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way conveys; “No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I am on the right track baby, I was born this way.” It’s perfectly natural to feel attracted to both sexes in whatever ways. Also, people don’t define the kind of person you are right now because in the end, it’s us that we define ourselves. Gay, lesbian, transgender, straight or bisexual, we are born normal because sexuality is a part of our lives that makes each of us unique like the transsexual escort of private girls escorts in Australia.