Vaginal Pain after Sex that You Ought to Know

Large percentage of women experience pain after sex few times in their lives, this is considered as normal because many physical and psychological reasons can attribute to an occasional vaginal pain after sex. But if this pain continues for a substantial time or occurs very frequently then it has to be treated as reasons for its cause are harmful for over all health and mental state of women.

Lack of vaginal lubrication causes pain during or after sex in most of the cases however there can be many reasons for lack of lubrication in women. Sometimes lack of foreplay and when woman is rushed in to lovemaking activity or she is not willing to perform due to any reason can cause lack of lubrication. This can be treated by performing proper foreplay and using lubricants before the act. Women approaching menopause or passing through menopause do not get sufficiently lubricated during lovemaking activity because of hormonal imbalance in their body. Proper treatment to get back hormonal balance can resolve this situation.

Normal vaginal infections caused by yeast or bacteria can cause pain during or after sex, some STDs like Chlamydia or herpes are also responsible for causing severe pain during or after penetration. Too much vaginal douching also causes pain during lovemaking activity it may be due to infection or irritation caused by the agents present in the liquid used for douching. Some women may be allergic to certain foams created by condoms. It has been noted that women may be allergic to latex too, the material used for making condoms. In such cases medical advice can help to cure the problem. Detergents used for washing clothes and dishes may also cause some irritation or allergy in the vagina to promote discomfort or pain after or during sex.

UTI infections cause burning sensation during urination and in most cases it is caused due to inflammation of urethra, the urinary opening near the vagina. This condition can also cause vaginal pain after sex. Treatment of UTI shall resolve the problem of discomfort during sex. Other problems which may lead to vaginal pain after sex are fibroid tumors, pelvic tumors, ovarian cysts and endometriosis these are few commonly found reasons for vaginal pain and shall be addressed immediately with expert medical advice.

Some emotional or psychological stressors cause situation of vaginismus. In this situation, women’s vaginal muscles involuntarily contract when there is vaginal penetration. This resistance by the muscles occurs even when penetrated by finger or tampons. This causes pain in vagina during penetration and can be felt after the sex too. Massaging vagina with proper lubricant before lovemaking act can help.

Women have very sensitive clitoris, for some women clitoris stimulation can be exciting and pleasurable but for some it can be equally painful. Sometimes too much stimulation during the foreplay can also cause vaginal pain after sex. There is no cure for this situation if a woman feels pain when her clitoris is touched, avoiding clitoris stimulation is the only cure. Barring two three times when a woman looses her virginity pain is not a part of lovemaking act, so if someone feels vaginal pain during or after lovemaking shall seek medical advice immediately.