The truth about sex appeal

Why is it that women do not like weak men? Why is it that they are always falling in love with the wrong guy? The guy who will obviously not give them enough attention or make them happy?

Here is the truth about sex appeal.

Picture the Stone Age, where it all started. Two savages have spotted a woman they want. So what do you think they do? Try some smart pick-up lines? Of course not. They simply fight to the death and the winner slings the woman over his shoulder and takes her home to his cave.

So over the centuries women have learned to lean towards the stronger man. The one more able to club the opposition to death, to keep them safe from the many dangers of the wild and to provide them and the children the have together with what they need.

If you remember this story you will understand women much better and what it takes to get them to fall in love with you. These days we no longer live in caves (at least most of us) and so brute strength (although it’s still a magnet to many women) is no longer the main currency for power. Money is.

Women prefer financially independent men. The whole ball game is about security. Women still look for it and anywhere they can find it, chances of falling in love are much higher.

So forget about all those smart pick-up lines, it will get you only so far. Forget even about a sense of humor, a rich man’s jokes will always be funny, much funnier than the paupers. It’s all about your power and ability to make a woman feel secure.

My apologies for being so brutal in the delivery of this truth. It is said that people take sugar-coated pills more easily. But there was no sugar-coating I could think of immediately in the passing of this urgent message to all those frustrated men out there wondering what they are doing wrong. Please ignore the taste of the pill and focus on benefiting from the contents.