Sexual Positions for Erectile Dysfunction Are They Really Helpful

Erectile dysfunction remains elusive to date, this pumping of blood and holding for as long as possible to satisfy your partner is the real nightmare. It sounds quick and simple though but to date it has costed relationships and marriages. This anomaly increases with age and climaxes when combined with common ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

At the moment, there is no certified sexual position for victims of this disease. This is very unfortunate because erectile dysfunction really is a chronic disease touching on many aspects of sexuality. The victim may even succumb to impotence as this is the ultimate blow rendering matters of sex out for life. One proposal however has been put forward though, and this is lovemaking when the woman is on top. This is only a recommendation in paper though on matters of erectile dysfunction as a disease, nothing much is noted as giving any positive impact to the victim.

The choice of position is left to the couple to make for themselves because the desire and intimacy is really much more crucial than even having sex itself when you are a victim of this ailment. I would urgently advise that the two of you find how you can increase excitement to comfort yourselves; get orgasm on without necessarily using the male organ. You can use your own imagination; you can use your mouth or fingers; get moving and break the barrier, you can even masturbate as this is even better than lovemaking. Use your common sense and make the best out of the worst situation you are in; which ever position you may deem fit, go ahead and test it. It is also my suggestion that you get a much more serene place; a comfortable booking with no disturbances; where you will have enough time for yourselves.

This subject calls for peace and order where you will approach sex smoothly without any rush. Take your time and relax all the way to climax. Make sure the place is warm and the bed is attractive; as the art of foreplay gets on, at least the blood flow may be held for quite sometime to pull at least a trigger before retiring. If it will be cold, things might not work positively. Be on the look out; take care not to over indulge in alcohol; may be a little for relaxation will do. If incase you consume more than enough, you know the impediment; the real ailment of sexual dysfunction will assert itself and the day will be a waste. Avoid coffee and cigarette habits as much as possible as both may end up narrowing the blood veins thereby worsening erection failure.

No science is greater than finding comfort with your partner; the desires of both of you are to find it at all costs. There is no point watering the disease to an issue of sex positions; the whole idea is to beat it by going round the ailment till one day it is conquered. Experiment with any position till you master a perfect one after all sexual activity implies working with your partner to promote equal desires.