Sexual Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health

What is male sexual dysfunction? For any man as with any woman, good sexual health does of course mean the ability to have a satisfying sex life. However, there are issues that any man may have to contend with over the course of his life (possibly you included) that women don’t.

First and foremost concerning male sexual dysfunction is the ability to have an erection and sustain it. Then you must be able to control it and determine the point of ejaculation. Also the importance is the hardness and fullness of the erection. As such, any man has a different set of male sexual dysfunction issues to deal with than a woman does.

Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction:

Well for most men the causes of male sexual dysfunction can be many, including…

Psychogenic Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction:

Psychological or psychogenic male sexual dysfunction accounts for about 15 – 20% of impotence cases. It is brought about from anxiety, depression or even lack of a suitable partner.

In these cases there is no apparent substantial somatic or organic impairment. In other words there is no physical damage which could be the cause of the sexual dysfunction.

Impotence brought about by the use of anti depression drugs and beta blockers to reduce blood pressure could be considered a subset of this section as could erectile insufficiency brought on by excessive alcohol intake.

Neurogenic Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction:

This is the term used when male sexual dysfunction is associated with a neuropathy (e.g. nerve damage in the nervous system affecting the penis arising from, for example, surgery or a pelvic injury). This is the cause of male impotence in about 10 – 15 percent of cases.

Organic Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction:

This is by far the greatest cause of diminished male sexual dysfunction and for that matter, sexual dysfunction for both a man and a woman.

Fortunately it is also the easiest to deal with. Male sexual dysfunction caused by organic means may vary from complete impotency to just a general lack of libido (sexual desire) and loss of youthful erection hardness and ejaculatory strength.

There are multiple causes of organic erectile insufficiency but the end result is the same which is the lack of arterial blood flow to and within the penis. Without an unimpeded flow of blood to the penis and all its capillaries an erection is just not possible.

The most common cause of lack of blood flow is due to atherosclerosis of the arteries carrying blood to the penis.

Atherosclerosis of the arteries is a condition that cannot be rectified over night, but it can in time. However, for those men for whom this condition is affecting their sexual health and sex life in general, they need a solution now.

There is a solution for up to about 70% of men and that is either through the use of a prescription drug or the use of some natural substances. Both of these male sexual dysfunction options and how and why they work will be addressed later in this report.

Lack of libido or sexual desire is a different type of problem and sometimes a man who has an erectile problem still has strong libido and vice versa. Some men do not have erectile problems but have very low libidos. Drugs such as Viagra cannot address this male sexual dysfunction issue but some natural formulations do.

What Options Are Available For Male Sexual Dysfunction?

Psychological Options For Male Sexual Dysfunction:

If you think that your male sexual dysfunction problems are psychological and you can’t figure out the underlying problem, or, simply don’t know how to deal with it then you should seek professional help.

Enquire with your physician or other health professional if there is a highly recommended male sexual dysfunction sex therapist in your area that could help.

Mechanical Options For Male Sexual Dysfunction:

For those men with male sexual dysfunction problems there is a device which is essentially a vacuum pump which can be placed over the penis to help draw blood into it and thus create an erection. After an erection is achieved a rubber ring is placed at the base of the penis to help sustain the erection. Not a popular option and understandably so.