Recurrent Yeast Infection Natural Treatment and Remedies that Work

Yeast infection can be very irritating for any woman and if they occur recurrently can be very debilitating. Yeasts mostly breed in moist and dark areas of the body they can be anywhere in mouth, armpits, elbows, under the breasts and vagina. Usually it is easy for a woman to expose all the areas to sunlight in normal daily routine but areas like breasts and vagina are most convenient breeding grounds for yeast. Vagina gets most of the time infected as it is moist and covered and close to rectum, whenever yeast grows up in the body it gets easily to vagina.

One who becomes victim of yeast infection more than often, few precautions shall be adopted in daily routine to help the body in countering the infection. Keep genitals dry always, take special care to dry groin area and genitals wiping them with cotton cloth and if you can let it air dry after bathing and swimming and before wearing under garments can be of great help. Use undergarments made up of cotton; do not wear nylon or polyester made underwear. Loose fitted clothes will also help in keeping the area dry by drying up sweat which might be spurred by this area after any physical activity like running, walking.

Apart from these precautions few other remedies can be helpful in treating recurrent yeast infection. Growth of yeast in the body is controlled by good or friendly bacteria, avoiding any diet which may let one loose some of its friendly bacteria can promote yeast infection whereas eating foods in the diet which may increase the number of friendly bacteria will always help in preventing recurrent yeast infection. Eating less sugar will help in controlling yeast growth, increased sugar intake can help yeast in breeding. Eating yoghurt is very good for promoting friendly bacteria in the body which in turns aids digestion and also control yeast growth. External application of yoghurt also has been found very useful in treating recurrent yeast infection, during the infection or after the infection. Wipe away yoghurt from the area after sometime as it may cause itching by numbing the skin.

Use of garlic in the diet or externally by crushing few garlic cloves and applying on the affected areas also helps in treating first or recurrent yeast infection. Garlic has magical property of purifying the blood, woman suffering from severe vaginal yeast infection can insert a garlic clove in to the vagina for few hours for immediate relief from itching and pain. Try to use garlic in the diet as much as possible if it is not possible one can drink down a clove of garlic everyday with water after crushing it a bit to keep yeast infection at bay.

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits including treating recurrent yeast infection. If one is already infected diluted apple cider vinegar can be applied to the affected skin, make sure one has diluted it enough as concentrated vinegar can even burn the delicate skin. Mixing one cup of it in bucket of water to take a bath is the easiest way to avoid yeast infection. An occasional bath even when infection is not present can help to prevent it from surfacing.