Playing Alone Together – Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation is a supplement to intercourse, rather than a replacement, in many healthy sexual relationships. Besides being extremely safe, sharing your masturbation techniques can be an intimate and productive step. It can, however, be a difficult subject broach with a partner; many people fear that their partner will interpret it as a form of rejection. But those who progressed past this point with their partners almost invariably report having very satisfactory sex lives.

Anyone in a healthy sexual relationship wants above all to please the other person. Showing or telling your partner what you like is one of the quickest routes to this goal, and should in turn provide more pleasure for both of you. Discussing these issues with your partner should prevent any feelings of awkwardness or inadequacy. Instruct your partner and try yourself to be open to instruction. Discovering how your partner reaches orgasm alone can be invaluable when you are attempting please them.

It may be intimidating at first, but masturbating in front of your partner is not only highly erotic; it is a way of sharing the most intimate and personal of activities. In this sense sharing masturbation can be an act of love rather than one of rejection.