Penis Enlargement Tips and Guides to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Penis enlargement (PE) exercises are the best way to make your penile thicker and bigger. Because male enlargement exercises releases the blood flow towards penile and it helps a lot to increase dick size. Jelqing exercise, warm up, and some other exercises are part of the natural male enlargement exercises programs. If you want a long term and permanent growth of your dick than PE exercises are very effective way to achieve your goal in few months of regular exercise.

PE Exercise Techniques

Jelqing is a daily work out routine of basic penis exercise. Jelq is a very deliberate, rhythmic and light external pull movement on penus. Doing such jelqing exercises helps to open up more spongy tissues area. Because of this exercises your penile is now able to fill up with more blood.

There is a lot of jelq and other exercises in enlargement program. First start with short, 10 to 20 minute workout and when you feel comfortable with these exercises than increase the time to 20-40 minutes per day.

The main reason of these exercises is to enlarge penis size; so many exercise programs target the PC muscle. To improve ejaculation and orgasms, PC muscle should be toned and in shape.

PE Exercises Compared To Other Methods

Compared to other PE methods, enlargement exercises found more effective. Weights only increase the length of dick while exercises help to increase your penis thickness as well as length.

PE pumps can also produce some result but the effect can not last for long term. Also PE pump has some draw back such as scarring, swelling and it makes people more dependable for every erection.

So the only method that can produce good and long term effect on PE without any pain is natural penis enlargement exercises.

The easiest safest way to have a longer thicker penis is to exercise. It’s a really simple technique that has probably been around for thousands of years. Men have always obsessed about the length and girth of their penises so penis male enlargement techniques were developed early and have been used throughout human history. There are two large groups of exercises: penis stretching exercises and exercises aimed to increase the girth of the penis.

If you want the penis of your dreams this article has the tips you need to begin enlarging your penis size. Penis male enlargement is a serious subject and has improved over the years to be able to make your penis bigger naturally without having to deal with annoying side effects. If you want to become larger you must read the valuable information in this article now!

The average size for an erected penis is 6 inches and a non-erect penis should measure around 3 to 4 inches. Let’s face it. Most men are obsessed with penis size and looking ways to increase the size of their male anatomy. Many men have made some progress using natural penis male enlargement exercises.
The following is an explanation how different penis exercises work:

  1. Jelqing. Jelqing is probably the most ancient male enhancement technique (it was used by nomadic Arabian tribes.) It involves movements similar to “milking” your penis to increase the amount of blood, which fills Corpora Covernosa (the part of your penis that is filled with blood and enlarged during erections) thus making your penis visibly larger. The important fact is that jelqing, if performed regularly, can permanently increase the size of Corpora Covernosa and thus your penis size (both length and girth).
  2. Penis Stretching. There are several types of penis stretching exercises but their basic principle is the same: stretching the tissues of your penis. Stretching makes cells composing your penis grow increasing the length and girth (lesser effect) of your penis.
  3. Kegel Exercises. These exercises are not targeted at the penis itself but rather at the pubococcygeus muscle, which is used to delay erections. Thus, if you train this muscle, you will be able to prolong your erections.