Over Masturbation Effects and Get rid of Masturbation Naturally

The vast majority of masturbation is completely healthy and positive. There is no data for this, but anything aproximating “over masturbation” is very rare. There is no number or quantity of masturbation that is healthy or unhealthy. Masturbation isn’t like candy or eggs, there isn’t a “recommended daily allowance”, it means different things to different people, and we all use masturbation differently, in positive and negative ways. So this question needs to be answered on an individual basis, keeping in mind that very few of us actually masturbate in ways that are harmful to ourselves.

A symptom (also called Sexual Exhaustion) is distressing liver and nervous system functions; include youthful impotence/erectile dysfunction (including a soft or weak erection) and seminal leakage. While more than 30% of men have experienced impotence at one time or another, impotence in youth is rarer and can often be attributed to the above factors.

Over-masturbation can also cause problems such as seminal leakage, which can cause sperm to ooze or leak out of the penis with no accompanying erection. Both semen leakage and youthful impotence are embarrassing, uncomfortable, and signs of Sexual Exhaustion.

Side-effects of Masturbation

Other than an immediate need for a towel or tissue, the effects of masturbation upon the male body were:

1. Fatigue. Feeling tired all the time

2. Lower back pain

3. Thinning hair / Hair Loss

4. Soft / Weak Erections

5. Premature Ejaculation

6. Eye floaters or fuzzy vision

7. Groin / Testicular Pain

8. Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone

Sexual Effects: – Men who over-masturbate often have problems. Further, compulsive masturbation may be offensive to your sexual partner, as it may be seen as a substitute for seeming unsatisfactory intercourse. Frequent sexual activity — masturbation or intercourse — also creates a surplus of sex hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. With an excess of these chemicals, you may feel fatigued, and some men report weaker erections over the long term.

Herbal Remedies for Over Masturbation

1. Shilajit: – Shilajit or mineral pitch is an organo-mineral contains herbal origin. It is one of the mainly potent ayurvedic aphrodisiac herbs that are very useful in correcting the incorrect curvature. Shilajit has been one of the most renowned ayurvedic herbs that have been used in resolving sexual evils as ages.

2. Shilapravang: – Sexual behavior is a multifaceted psycho-physiological practice, and there are a lot of factors worried in healthy sexual functioning. The male sexual response commences when the male becomes aroused and blood run into the erectile tissue of the penis, causing the penis to puff up and become upright.

3. Ashwagandha: – Ashwagandha is also recognized as India ginseng. It is recognized so due to it has properties extremely similar to that of ginseng. It is measured to be of the mainly influential sexual stimulant obtainable on this earth. It is also extremely useful in normalizing the bend in the organ making it feasible to totality the act of sexual reunion.

Get rid from masturbation

The first step to getting better is to reduce masturbation and ejaculation frequency and try to overcome this bad habit. Eat more soybean products and eliminating excessive caffeine from your diet. Focus on nutty foods like sunflower seeds, and peanuts and eat more sea foods, seaweed, vegetables, and try to minimize red meat and dairy product intake. Instead of soda, try drinking orange juice or cranberry juice and, of course, drink plenty of water.

We have developed Kohinoor Gold in order to combat sexual exhaustion and reverse the effects that over-masturbation has on your body. Feel your erections become more firm and more engorged, you will be able to last longer, feel less pain in the prostate and testicles, and feel more alert and energized.