Oligospermia Natural Treatment and Increase Low Sperm Count Naturally

Oligospermia is the leading cause of male fertility problems. A normal sperm count is 20 million or more per millimetre of semen. In order for conception to occur, a minimum of 60% of these sperm should have a normal shape (morphology) and normal forward movement (motility).

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However, the above sperm count figure represents a general guideline, as some men with a higher sperm count have had difficulty conceiving while men with a sperm count lower than this number have been able to successfully get their partners pregnant.

Causes of Oligospermia

There are a variety of causes of oligospermia. The most common identifiable cause of low sperm count is varicoceles, a condition in which the veins in the scrotum become dilated. Varicoceles affects 15% of all men and 40% of men experiencing infertility. This condition is believed to heat up the testicles, reducing sperm count.


In addition, lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol and drug abuse can also impact a man’s sperm level.

Environmental factors, such as exposure to herbicides and pesticides, can also cause oligospermia, as these toxins have been linked to the overheating of the testicles, as have such practices as wearing tight underwear and using a hot tub.

Oligospermia has also been linked to a man’s weight. Being either overweight or underweight can influence sperm count; however, weight has not been shown to affect either the motility or shape of sperm. Being underweight is believed to affect sperm because it is linked to hormonal imbalances, as well as malnutrition.

Being overweight on the other hand can cause oligospermia because excess fat causes the male hormone testosterone to be converted into estrogen, which minimizes the stimulation of the testicles. A recent study found that testosterone levels in obese men were lower than those of men considered to be a normal weight.

Advantage of Treatment

1. Fastest acting and safest mode of treatment available till today, absolutely no side effect of medicine.

2. Effectiveness is tested in thousands of patients with more than 90 % of success rate.

3. Medicine not only increases count but also increases sperm motility and Volume, abnormal sperm morphology will corrected with treatment.

4. Homeopathic medicine are safe, free from hormones.

5. Homeopathic medicine are small sweet pills and its easy to dissolve it on tongue, medication is easy and hassle free.

6. Treatment also clears Varicocele, hormonal imbalance and other urological abnormalities.

Precaution Before and During Treatment

1. No oral or Hormonal treatment is allowed at least one month prior to this treatment and during the course of treatment.

2. Semen analysis report is must before starting treatment, so one can know the effect of treatment at middle and end of treatment.

3. Extra food supplements, Vitamins and other sexual tonic should be avoided during treatment.

Ways to increase sperm Count

1. Having sex and masturbating only 2 days a week, the less you ejaculate the more sperm count you will have.

2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, this products affects your semen production.

3. Exercise daily and reduce fat can help you ejaculate more.

4. Eat healthy, Diet rich fiber salad high in protein. Also eating grain is good for healthy sperm. Avoid eating spicy food  and aldo reduce caffeine.

5. Stop putting pressure to the testicles with tight pants, wear loose pants or shorts.

6. Avoid hot baths and saunas.

7. Reduce problems and keep mind fresh and working doing yoga or meditation.

8. Rub Down body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation.

9. Use natural semen enhancers,  will increase sperm volume. This herbal supplements don’t have side effects and will help you increasing sperm count.

10. Try to make love in the morning that sperm production are high.