Myths and Facts on Anal Sex

At one time every state in America had a law against sodomy. According to the Associated Press as recently as 1960 every state still had an anti-sodomy law, though several states didn’t actively uphold them. They were just old laws that still happened to -be on the books.

Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia still prohibit sodomy today. Yes that’s right, it’s illegal to have anal sex with your spouse in your own home. Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas prohibit sodomy between same sex partners only. And in 1968 Georgia became the first Southern state to retain sodomy as a felony and made it applicable to lesbians. In 1986 the Georgia sodomy law prompted the United States Supreme Court decision that homosexual sodomy is not a fundamental right.

Those are the legal facts. But there are beliefs about anal sex out there too, myths if you will. One myth easy to bust is that anal sex is only enjoyed by homosexuals. That is absolutely not true. Many heterosexuals enjoy anal sex. In some cultures where virginity is still prized, women engage in anal sex in their young adult years before marriage, so they can still have some fun and yet be a “virgin” in the technical sense on their wedding night. The younger generation, in many cultures, has recently explored oral and anal sex so they don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

Some important information to know is that the anus does contain its own natural bacteria- so nothing that goes into it should go into any other part of the body without first being thoroughly washed. The anus isn’t actually “dirty” per se, yet another myth we can bust. It can be cleaned just like the rest of the body. But remember, once something is inserted into the anus, that something may contain the same bacteria naturally found in the anus and steps should be taken not to spread that bacteria anywhere else.

Another easy myth to bust is that anal sex is painful and causes hemorrhoids, fissures, tears or even incontinence. If anal sex is causing pain, it’s not being done right, according to Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, author of “What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex.” She also states that anal sex does not cause hemorrhoids, fissures, tears, or incontinence. She’s referring of course to consensual anal sex. Damage can be done to any orifice in the crime of rape.

The only myth mankind really cannot prove true or false is whether or not sodomy is in fact a “crime of nature” or “crime of God.” That’s a personal decision that each individual must decide for themselves.

For more information there are also many magazines, websites, clubs, chat rooms etc. that sing the praises of anal sex. For oils lubricants and toys there are a multitude of choices. Remember Mom’s Tupperware Party? Well now there are sex toy parties; Clubvibes, Brown Bag Party, Passion Parties, and Fantasy Inc just to name a few.