Men’s Early Ejaculations, Women’s Late Orgasms… Sex Is A Serious Work!

According to your engagement quality, your sex activity may be a short work, a sad work, or a work of art. And your lover will be hopeful, desperate, or happy! So what is the prime requirement of a great sex performance? Your partner’s satisfaction and happiness, nothing else!

Most of the questions asked to sexual health experts are about men’s early ejaculations and women’s orgasm troubles. When you read this you may say: It’s normal, if man is coming off quickly, woman couldn’t have an orgasm! But if you think for a second, surprisingly, you won’t see any relation between these two events. Because a man, if not a boor, will provide his woman achieve her orgasm before his ejaculation.

The next popular question is about the penis size! After all that porn movies many people are really confused. How and where to find such a prominent organ? What is the normal size? How thick and long can it be maximum? How small is acceptable for successful lovemaking?

Every man’s genital is different as his finger print and in a happy relationship the role of the penis size is not important. At least you don’t have to be such stupid to pay sack full money to programs, drugs or advice for making it bigger or larger! Even with a huge organ a man’s chance is very limited to make his woman achieve an orgasm if he is not a good lover, and doesn’t know proper sex techniques, and most probably he will cause pain instead of pleasures.

Even a man who has a miniscule dick can be a perfect lover if he’ll learn how to make better love, how to be a better partner instead of being paranoiacly distressed. What ever it is, your penis size is normal and this is your body, love it and try to use it more properly, more creatively and with more love and care. Learn how to use effective foreplay and arousal techniques, how to kiss and caress properly, and maybe you won’t need a penis to make her reach the climax!

Believe me, every woman desires and prefers such a talented lover instead of a big dick entering a few times into your vagina before spurting out and then sleeping in his side as nothing happened.. naturally! Having a small organ is not a guilt, and if he knows his body and has developed many practical solutions he is absolutely a CLEVER man and a perfect lover, a great chance for women!

In regard to early ejaculations… This, also, is not a crime and if the man hasn’t an organic disorder, may be corrected with some effort and techniques. But many men, instead of paying attention to their situation, act like early coming off doesn’t make any difference in their sex life! Which may be true for them but surely not for the women!

Actually you may consider the natural disharmony between two sex. Men, by their nature, want to thrust their penis into a warm and slippery hole when erected and squirt in, but women, on the contrary, need a prior preparation, a foreplay of at least 10-15 minutes to be concentrated and ready for insertion.

Further, one woman can’t have orgasm without a specific position, the other woman will desire another position.. or request clitoris stimulation besides penis thrusting… Many fatiguing services asked from men! And if a serious and passionate relationship doesn’t exist between partners, men are really exhausted in the bed.

Is it a natural error, an innate lack of harmony between men and women? If so what was the secret of great womanizers like Don Juan, Ximen Qing, Giacomo Casanova…

Let see some different type of early comers:

Type A: The worst! He doesn’t even know he is an early comer. When he likes, he takes the woman under him and ejaculates. He doesn’t care anything else! The woman’s orgasm? What is that? He hasn’t heard anything about woman’s orgasm!

Type B: The opportunist! He knows about woman’s orgasm but act like he doesn’t know. Same of the Type A, he pulls the woman under and he comes off, the only difference between type A is if by mistake or pain, woman makes a weak sound like “ah” he will suppose that she reached an orgasm, but for his comfort, he will never ask her the truth!

Type C: The lazy with crocodile tears! He knows his disorder, he is sad and wants to visit a doctor but he is ashamed or can’t find the time to go! As foreplay he kiss and caress her a little but he can’t wait more and comes off. Sometimes he can’t even find times to thrust his dick into her. He is sad but life goes on!

Type D: The Lover! He is aware of his early ejaculation disorder but he also knows his partner’s orgasm right! So, he will kiss and caress her at great length, give her a great sexual massage, or an intense stimulation as she likes, or oral love, and bring her to orgasm. Then start to make love for himself and he comes off. Because his partner reached orgasm before his quick ejaculation there is no trouble. Partners are both relaxed and happy!

That means, if a man is refined, elegant, understanding, clever… a GENTLEMAN, the early ejaculation is not an important issue on the way to happy sexual relationship. Man may visit a doctor and try to find the main reason behind this disorder, and get a treatment which is not very hard. But in the meantime he will be kind and not selfish, and will give her ultimate pleasures to achieve her orgasm!

An absolutely good sex for a woman is an average dick size, a foreplay at length with all stimulation techniques that she likes, long kisses and caresses, staying inside her long enough with many thrusting, knowing her favorite positions and giving her the best pleasures… not insisting on what you want, but understanding her and giving her what she needs to get her climax.

Remember that if she has achieved one orgasm in her entire life, she knows the best position, and an intelligent man never insists on a new position which may cause a lack of concentration, he will follow her orientation.

Finally, what is her responsibility for a harmonious and happy sexual relationship?

Women must talk and describe what they need or want clearly. Of course, talking to the boors will not produce a positive result instantly but intelligent and responsible men will understand and provide what you need. Do not imitate orgasm or do not keep silent and go to sleep… talk to your lover and kindly explain your wishes, if not you will lose your sexual desires in the time, and you won’t even like to masturbate and get orgasm by yourself in the future!