Male and Female Sterility and Sterility and Fertility

Sterility, also referred to as infertility, is defined as an inability to conceive a child after trying to do so for at least one year. Sterility can affect both men and women, with the cause involving either one or both parties.

For a man to be fertile, the testicles must produce enough healthy sperm to be ejaculated effectively into the woman’s vagina.

For a woman to be fertile, the ovaries must release healthy eggs regularly. In addition, her reproductive tract must allow the eggs and sperm to pass into her fallopian tubes to become fertilized and implanted in the uterus.

What Causes Sterility?

Sterility is classified into two groups, primary and secondary.

  1. Primary sterility means that a pregnancy has never occurred.
  2. Secondary fertility involves one or both partners who have conceived previously, but are now unable to do so because of a possible physical or medical condition impairing fertility. A woman who keeps having miscarriages is also considered infertile.

Risk factors for both men and women are the same and these include age, stress, being underweight or overweight, diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Age plays quite a critical role, as fertility peaks for both men and women in their mid-twenties. Male fertility starts declining in their thirties, while women older than 35 years may experience problems conceiving.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease and anemia may also affect fertility.

Dietary Guidelines for the Treatment of Sterility

  1. Females suffering from sterility must avoid alkaline and pungent foods. Instead, they must take sweet foods and fruits in large quantities.
  2. Eggs are very good for promoting conception in both men and women.
  3. Rice is better than wheat for sterile couples. Women who are not able to conceive must be given an all-rice diet.
  4. Ghee is the only acceptable fat for sterile couples.
  5. Honey is considered to be good. It is also effective in several problems of the reproductive system in both men and women.
  6. Nuts are very good for men who have a low sperm count. Groundnuts and almonds top the list.
  7. People who have sterility problems must never keep their stomachs empty for a long period of time.

Home Remedies for Sterility

Grind the aerial root of a banyan tree to a fine powder. Collect about 10 grams of this powder. Put this powder in half a liter of milk and boil it. When about 200 milliliters are left, remove it from the flame and strain it. Mix sugar and honey in it. The woman must have this everyday from the fifth or seventh day of the commencement of the periods. Continue having this milk daily for ten days hence. This is considered to be the most effective remedy to make infertile women conceive.

For women who are keeping normal health, but are still unable to conceive, the following remedy is found to work. Mix Shatavari choorna in ghee or milk and drink it on a daily basis before retiring for the day. This solves all the problems of the reproductive system and also makes it possible for the women to conceive.

After every meal, the woman must take an areca nut (supari). This is effective in increasing fertility. Sterile couples must not overindulge in sexual activity. Restraint must be had, as it will improve the quality of the male sperm. Obesity is one of the leading causes of sterility. Hence, enrolling yourself in a weight-loss program will also help to bear children.