Looking Beyond Religion’s Prejudiced View on Homosexuality Love: Does God Hate Homosexuals?

When we thought about Homosexuality love, what we mean is the emotional and physical likeness or attraction to a person of the same gender. Sometimes, when other people hear about it, they more likely feel disgusted because it is abnormal or ill in the society. More often, some people used mean words and terms referring to homosexual people.

But if you look on a different perspective, homosexuals are still normal people. As defined by American Psychological Association, it is generally recognized as a way of being and a part of a person that can be changed or not. If one perceives it on their own, they are sure free to change for themselves and feel better. That’s what matters most.

The topic about homosexuals in love brings forth to a lot of questions most especially in the religious aspect or in general. In our society today, there are a lot of nations who are still opposed to same sex marriages. Religious groups find this idea preposterous because as they have understood that God only made two sexes and they are bound to procreate and populate the world.

Sometimes, we are influenced by our own views but we cannot deny other opinions too. If you deem yourself of having attracted to your opposite sex, you will think that you have committed a sin, and you feel guilty. With that guilt, you think you are subject to the society’s discrimination and be outcasted and feel that God loves you less.

But sometimes people mixed up deviated behaviours to God’s own dislikes. Therefore, it is like they are insinuating that God also hates homosexuals and condemns them. Thus, the belief of God not liking homos is wrong because they see marriage as a union of man and woman only.

But don’t dwell on this, in fact, God loves people in general and he just disliked certain behaviours that violate His law. Each and every person are created unique and if anyone deeply understands what is written in the bible, our Creator is a loving being. He wants us to believe in Him and come to Him. He just deeply loves us unconditionally despite the things we do.