Know Why Gays are Fun with These Explanations to Homosexuality

Let’s face it. Gays are already becoming rampant in society nowadays. Whatever it may seem, it looks like our society is experiencing what we call “sexuality flux”. This means that the numbers of gays are becoming higher these days compared to earlier years. Today, more gays are coming out in the open and standing up for who they really are. Not only that, some states now permit homosexual marriages and are becoming known in many fields.  This has even brought to the point when other heterosexual people doubt themselves if they are gay or not. The marriage count of heterosexual people is also declining by the year. And possibly, there will be more homosexuals who would have family life and heterosexuals are left with no choice but to be single. So, what are the explanations to homosexuality?

First and foremost, all of us are naturally born bisexual. We are neither heterosexual nor homosexual. The only thing that defines our maleness or femaleness is in the way we project ourselves conforming to the norms and standards of the society and other factors. For some, there are equal level s of maleness and femaleness when it comes to personality, attitude, preferences and behaviour. These people are openly bisexuals because they cannot distinguish their sexuality. Others will feel more like they should be more aggressive, dominating like males, and if she happens to be female, she will more likely be a lesbian and would be attracted to females.  This is also true when it comes to a man, that is why there are gays.

The concept of homosexuality will start running once we feel more attracted to the same sex rather than the opposite sex. Just as the homosexuals can have a tendency to have a heterosexual inside him or her, heterosexuals can also have the probability of liking people of the same sex. It is an innate ability of a person.

One explanation why homosexual people are branded as queers would have to do with narcissism and the tendency to love ourselves. When we are all in love with ourselves and meet someone that we think resembles us so much, like the way he/she talks, walks, thinks or anything that is similar to us, we would naturally feel attracted to that person.

Another explanation would be the view of sex as a bad thing because of some religious impact. Some people would think that heterosexual sexual activities like prostitution or sexual assault are vices that need to be avoided. So, they find ways to commit lesser vices and they found that in homosexual acts where there is no guilt with sexual activities.

These are just some explanations and there are more if you consult with an expert.