Just a Kiss: Busting the Bad Kissers

A lot of us have dreamed about to experience the perfect kiss. A kiss is something we longed for from the person we mutually connect with; especially for those who fantasizes about their first kiss. Unluckily, let us face the reality that there are people who are horrible kissers and some have experiences that are not that good which describes that their first kiss is a bit shocking and horrific.

In this new Get Sex Gyan post, we have asked people of all ages to describe the horrible kissers they have personally encountered. We asked teenagers, young adults and older ones to tell us their horrible kissing experiences. We classified the bad kissers according to their “kiss techniques” and may be let others know so that they can distance themselves from these people.

1. Smells like… what??!

Who would ever want to kiss someone’s mouth that stinks, right? These are people who brings bad garbage dump in their mouth and somehow don’t even noticed that their breath smells like shit. And for heaven’s sake, please do care about your mouth hygiene so you will not get a bad reputation from your date.

2. The drooling kisser

Aside from kissing you passionately, this person might give you some licking all over your face like your pet dog.

3. The touchy kisser

This person can express that he or she is so excited on kissing you on your date. He or she really got the hots for you to the point that their hands are so touchy, feeling every curvatures of your body. It is ok to get excited kissing your date but it does not necessarily mean that the hands should be all over the place. Take it nice and slow, baby.

4. The biter

He or she is so in the mood to the point of giving you a bite on your lips. Not even Count Dracula or the alluring Edward Cullen could do that to their special someone but there are those who end up biting their lovers’ lips. Remember, do not ever do this on your first date, be gentle and take it sweet nice and slow.

5. The breath takers

You might have read classic novels describing passionate kisses that are shared by lovers and then experiencing that their breaths are taken away. Take note that it is not quite good to make your partner panting because if you did, you are overdoing the kiss.

6. The tongue fencer

These are kissers who make good use but likely to overdo it with their tongues when they kiss their partners. This can be good but overdoing it is annoying and can turn off your partner.

There you have it, the bad kissers busted. So, find someone who can make your first kiss awesome and worth remembering (for the first timers). And take these as a note to not do the above things on your partner that can discourage them.