Increase Sperm Count and Treatments of Male Impotence

Increased sperm count is significant in all aspects of life; it emits strong sexual occurrence for a man and is also very helpful when you and your wife are trying to get pregnant.

Here are some of the known causes responsible for low sperm count

  1. Wearing tight underpants, sitting in the hot-tub for long hours, taking hot water baths and being obese (over weight).
  2. Infected semen
  3. Smoking and too much alcohol intake
  4. Constant masturbation
  5. Zinc deficiency
  6. Malformed genitals
  7. Over exerting the body, physically and mentally
  8. Prostrate gland infections
  9. Exposure to toxic pollutants
  10. Bad eating habits (eating fast and over processed foods)

Read on to find out some of the best ways on how to increase sperm count and get the preferred results fast.

  1. Eat right- This is where it all begins. Your body is the perfect mirror image of what you eat and the same applies to your sexual life and sperm count. Due to fast life everybody out there is into fast food. In order to increase sperm count you need to add to the intake of vitamin rich foods and eat as much natural foods as possible.
  2. Water- Water is one of the best answers to all health troubles and does help in raising sperm count as well. Make it a point to drink at least eight glasses of water a day if not more.
  3. Cut back on caffeine- Foods such as coffee, soft drinks etc are identified to damage sperm production in the long period. Make it a point to stay away from such drinks and drink as much water as likely in order to increase sperm count.
  4. Cut back on alcohol- Alcohol is identified to be the worst of them all when it comes to human health and the same applies to sperm count. Alcohol is recognized to have unpleasant affects on your body and sperm count. Therefore evasion of alcohol at all costs is very significant in order to increase sperm count.
  5. Emotional stress- Other than what you eat and do there are some moving aspects as well which affect sperm count in your body. If you are spiritually stressed or are pain from despair than low sperm count is very normal. Remember you would always remain fit if you have a healthy mind. Therefore learn to keep your mind healthy and your body would be healthy mechanically. The same applies to your sperm count.

Home remedies to increase sperm

  1. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
  2. Practice yoga and meditation to be stress free
  3. Try to exercise regularly
  4. Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile
  5. Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods
  6. Avoid tight underpants to provide an ambient climate for the testicles
  7. Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation
  8. Loose excess weight
  9. Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins
  10. Sperm levels are at the uppermost in the morning and afternoon making it the best time for love making.

Benefits of Increasing Sperm Volume

Sperm volume affects different aspects of male sexuality and it is no wonder that increasing sperm production is a common desire among many men.

One of the reason men want to increase sperm volume is to increase fertility. Both sperm count and sperm condition are of large importance in order to fertilize an egg. However, there are many exterior factors that can adversely affect your semen. Increasing the sperm manufacture enhances your fertility by growing the number of sperm in your ejaculate.

When you increase your sperm volume you also increase the power of your orgasms. During every ejaculation, the penis pumps sperm and ejaculate, which is pleasurable for many men and women.