Improve Your Sexual Relationship

The essential ingredients for a fulfilling sexual relationship are:

Mutual Intimacy
Effective Sexual Stimulation
Commitment to Sexual Growth and Development.
In my opinion, Loving-angles can help couples to achieve all three.

Unlike other sex products Loving-angles has been created for couples to enjoy together. It’s not a gadget that you can use alone or on your partner. And unlike sex toys, it’s not something that once you’ve tried it, the novelty’s worn off. No, with Loving-angles, at last we have a product that will genuinely help couples to develop and maintain a mutually satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

Most people will tell you that sex is better when you can be open and uninhibited with your partner. Fear and humiliation are not aphrodisiacs (except for a very small percentage of the population!). Communication is the key to creating a trusting and intimate environment where lovers can feel free to be themselves.

Loving-angles helps to build intimate communication by providing a non-threatening and inspiring topic. Talking about and discovering new sexual positions allows couples to get to know themselves and their partners better. This mutual sharing and experimentation strengthens the sexual bond between them and leads to deeper emotional satisfaction.

Loving-angles also helps couples by providing a greater range of sexual positions where eye to eye contact can be maintained and skin contact is optimised.

How to improve sexual stimulation

There are probably 100’s of books on the market telling you how you can become a better lover. And nearly all of them will assume that you’re young, healthy and in your physical prime. Many of us find our sex lives are limited by our bodies’ physical capabilities. You may have an injury or perhaps you’re not as fit as you’d like to be because of a health condition or the natural ageing process. Either way, Loving-angles can help you and your partner to discover the sexual position that brings maximum physical pleasure without pain or discomfort. (Remember, if you’re unsure about the cause of any physical complaint, you should check with your GP before trying anything new)

Ultimately it is how your bodies fit together as lovers that can make the difference between orgasmic ecstasy and humdrum monotony. For most women, this means a position where the clitoris can be stimulated either by her partner’s pubic bone or finger. And for some, a position where the G-spot can also be caressed. Men can experience a range of exquisite sensations depending on the angle of penetration. By using Loving-angles, couples can develop their own unique positions that will ensure their caressing and thrusting is reaching all the right places.

How to encourage sexual growth

For many people, good sex is a matter of quality – not quantity. The external pressures of life leave may couples with little spare time, but Loving-angles can help to ensure that every sexual opportunity is both intimate and erotic.

Loving-angles provides couples with endless opportunities to experiment and enjoy a range of sexual positions – in and out of the bedroom. And it is this variety and novelty that adds the essential erotic spark that keeps sex exciting. When couples make a mutual commitment to develop and expand their sexual repertoire together, they need never fear sexual boredom.

If you’re currently experiencing sexual problems in your relationship, you might find it helpful to discuss things through with a professional sexual therapist. You can get help online at Or you can get details of therapists within your area from the British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapy at