How To Win Against Impotence

Impotence – just the word strikes terror into the heart of every man who is familiar with what it means. As males we identify our sexuality either at least in part, and more often wholly, with our ability to have and maintain an erection.

As soon as the word impotence applies to us we lose all concepts of ourselves as men or as having any form of sexuality. This thing we call impotence is powerful, it has been blamed for the degradation of relationships, divorced marriages and has even driven men to suicide.

Such is the importance we put on our body’s ability to make blood flow to a certain spot in our vast anatomy. What is impotence caused by? How can impotence be rectified? And just how common is impotence?

In most cases of impotence the main cause for a person’s inability to have an erection is purely mental. The treatments are as wide and varied as the reasons a man can be suffering anxiety to the point of impotence. And the good news here is that this type of impotence is often temporary.

In about ten percent of cases however, impotence is not a reversible condition. The reasons for this are usually nerve damage, blood vessel damage and illness with prostate cancer and removal ranking highly among these. But even in these cases there are treatments that can be undertaken.

Blood vessels can be redirected through microsurgery but this is often very expensive and your insurance company is not likely to rank the level of importance for this procedure anywhere near as highly as you.

In the case of nerve damage the penis can have a small air or fluid bladder surgically implanted inside to be filled via an external valve.

This type of solution to the problem of impotence is not popular because of the unnatural nature of having to manually inflate the penis every time you wish to have sex and the lack of spontaneity that can make sex fun.

The nature of psychological impotence is more complex as it very often deals with emotions and insecurity’s which can be a little more time consuming to get to the bottom of.

Guilt is often a primary reason for this type of impotence and the most commonly asked question by sex therapists dealing with impotence is whether the patient has had any extra-marital affairs. Guilt can often come into the impotence picture in a lot of forms such as the way a person views sex as a whole.

If a person views sex as something that is wrong or dirty then impotence is a fairly safe bet as a natural progression. Another common reason for guilt to play apart in impotence is the situation where the impotence sufferer was sexually abused as a child. This can stay a repressed memory for a very long time and then suddenly manifest itself as impotence in middle age.

Impotence is not restricted to the older portions of the population. Even young men can have performance anxiety that manifests itself as impotence. But no matter what reason impotence enters a person’s life, he should always remember that impotence can be tackled and that there is no reason to suffer the effects of impotence alone.

By Philip Lim, editor of Natural Penis Enlargement Review which provides trusted penis enlargement recommendations.