How to Hire an Escort without Worry or Embarressment

There is a good chance that you are reading this article because you are considering hiring an Escort for some companionship. Hiring an Escort is an opportunity for you to meet beautiful women that want to be your fantasy lover! No matter what you look like, how smart you are, or what type of car you drive you can have the company of any woman you want, anytime, anywhere! All you have to be is a Gentleman and generous with your wallet. Yes in all honesty a woman loves to be showered with money and gifts. It’s as old as the hills!

This article will show you the finer points of Escorting and help you to arrange the date of your dreams! You will need a fair bit of cash but if you follow my advice you will never get ripped off and you will have a night to remember!

I would like you to know that you can trust my advice. I own and operate a companion/escort referral service in Palm Springs, CA. I have found Escorting to be both rewarding and fun but only when I observe certain rules and my clients do likewise.

NOW imagine how surrounding yourself with beautiful women will enhance your life! The first thing you need to understand is how the business works. I suggest you go to a search engine and search for escorts in your city. For example if you live in Toronto put “Toronto Escorts”.

Check out some sites and make sure you read everything on the site. You don’t want to be wasting your potential dates time by asking questions that could have been answered on her Website. You will find on some sites that some ladies call themselves “Independent” and some work for an Agency. I recommend you stick with the ladies that are Independent.

Independents can be more flexible with you. They can negotiate different prices. They generally are not “Clock Watchers” and you will get more bang for your buck.

Independent ladies are not “cheaper” then the agencies; its just that the Independents see ALL of the money, and agency girls see very little of the initial fee you agreed to on the phone. Often the agency will take 100% of the fee and you are stuck there with a date that has just taken your money and won’t do a thing! Now you have to renegotiate to have any fun!

You can be tricked by an agency into thinking all kinds of things about what you are getting. With an Independent you can talk to her on the phone. An agency won’t let you do that. Agencies also place ads that are misleading causing you to believe you are calling an Independent when you are not.

How do you cut though all the BS, connect with a real Independent, and not get yourself burned? After you have checked out some escorts websites I suggest you read reviews. On the Internet there are review boards for Participants and Escorts.

You can read reviews by other gentlemen that have actually visited the escort you are considering. Also the ladies will probably trust you a bit more if say you found them on a review board. You will then have a head start on your date. Trust is a very important issue for these ladies and you need to know how to create that trust and not blow it before you are completely satisfied.

So now you have found a potential escort and you are ready to make the call. When she answers speak clearly and intelligently. If you mumble, talk while you are extremely intoxicated, or use profanity you will instantly turn the escort off. . Money may be a big turn on for these women but so are simple old-fashioned manners.

The escort will ask you questions about who you are and where you are from, maybe what you do for a living. Answer these questions and use your real name. She may ask you for ID when you meet. You don’t need to worry about this, as an Independent Escort probably wants to be as discreet as you. These questions are for her security and remember the more she can trust you the better the time you will have. You don’t want to blow it!

Let her talk – each lady has her own way of getting to know you. She may tell you a flat out price or wait for you to ask; either way don’t try to ask her anything as blatant as “How much for a blow job?” I will guarantee she will hang up on you. Remember the trust issue. You can’t honestly expect someone to say “Fifty bucks for a BJ!” over the phone when such a statement could land a girl in jail!

Be cool and also trust her. She will take care of you. If you have picked an Independent Escort from a review board then probably you already know a lot about what she will and will not do… I think by now you can imagine how valuable review boards are!

Make sure you know how the escort wants to receive payment when you meet. Make sure to honor her request. Some want it in an envelope on the dresser; some will take it from your hand. It’s up to her. When you meet just get the money out of the way as fast as you can! You both will relax. Offer her a drink, room service, and if you are really smart you will have gotten her a small gift. The best are gift-certificates, flowers, Massage Lotions, Lingerie. Your escort will appreciate the extra touch and effort.

From this point on I can only suggest that you let the escort lead the way. Since you have done some research you will probably have chosen a professional and beautiful woman and you will have avoided the pitfalls of doing this without any knowledge. I know you will have the time of you life! Enjoy and always be safe. Take care and have fun!