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Well if you are attracted to women you know that when it comes to approaching them for a date it can be very intimidating. Most guys are terrified of rejection from a girl they have interest in, especially if you are a shy person and have little experience when talking to new women. This is normal, if fact no matter how many women you approach or date, you will still have some fear when approaching women. So don’t let the fear stop you, because it will always be there, but there are ways to help elevated the fear of approaching women.

First, you need to know what type of women you like and where to find her. Do you like athletic women, models, geeks, and professional women? Well then you will have to go the gym or yoga class to find an athletic women. Go to the mall or modeling agency to find very attractive women. Find a bookworm or geeky girls at the library or bookstore. Go downtown to meet and find professional businesswomen. This will give you a much better opportunity to find the type of girl you like and would be more likely to approach.

A good indication at which girls to approach will be the ones that makes you FEEL good. When you see a women, or she walks past you, and for whatever reason it makes you feel good, than that is the women you should approach. Don’t bother trying to approach super-models if you can’t be yourself around them, and they make you nervous and uncomfortable. You will have much more success when approaching women that make you feel good, no matter what they look like. This is also a good way to build your confidence with women.

Now you know where to find women and which ones to approach. Here are some more tips to help you succeed when approaching women:

– What exactly do you want from her, do you want a date, do you want her phone # or email, or maybe you just want to say “hi”. Know what you want from the situation before you approach women.

– Be a man and don’t act like girly-boy, be strong, confidant, and take control of the situation. Be funny and act like you are the best.

– Dress nicely, shave, shower and look your best.

– Just say “hey” don’t worry about pick-up lines, just be confident in what you say and do.

– Your posture and how you communicate is more important then what you say. So stand up straight, shoulders back, lean back, and relax. Talk in a deep voice with confidence and belief in what you are saying.

– Tell stories and fun things that have happened to you to get the conversation going. Always have list of fun interesting stories to tell.

This should give you a good idea of where to start when it comes to finding and approaching women you like, good luck!