Home Remedies for Yeast Infection Natural Treatments that Work

Yeast are minute fungus present in the body, when these over grow they cause discomfort which is referred as yeast infection, home remedies can bring there number down to normal to relieve the discomfort. Friendly bacteria keep the yeast growth in check and does not allow them to grow beyond a normal limit but when due to medicines or other problems and issues number of friendly bacteria gets reduced yeast over grow and cause problems. Though it can affect both men and women but it is most commonly seen in women and particularly in or around vagina as it provides perfect breeding place for yeast.

Yeast infection is not known to cause any serious threat to health but can cause frustrating discomfort during sex, urinating and itching sensation through out the day. These problems can disturb the normal daily pattern of any person and can cause inconvenience. Some women may suffer from white vaginal discharge due to yeast infection which is generally odorless and without pain but can be depressing for working women.

Use of yoghurt and curd is known as a good home remedy for yeast infection. Yoghurt and curd promote growth of friendly bacteria in the body and also when used topically on the affected parts can control the excess yeast growth to treat the infection. Cotton ball dipped in yoghurt can be inserted in the vagina for few minutes to gain relief from itching and pain. Garlic is also very effective in treating yeast infection, it can be used internally and externally, use of garlic in the diet purifies blood and works well for immunity whereas crushed garlic cloves can be applied on the affected parts except vagina for controlling and curing yeast infection.

Tea tree oil is also a good home remedy for yeast infection, it is used externally for douching affected parts and vagina for relief and curing the infection. Oil of oregano is a potent home remedy if taken regularly. It is to be taken orally and dosage shall be worked out before use. Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for yeast infection. It can be applied at the affected parts after diluting it as concentrated vinegar can burn the delicate skin. The easiest way to use apple cider vinegar is by mixing a cup of it in a bucket of water to take a bath, this way it helps very effectively to control this problem.

Consuming at least two glasses of butter milk helps in growing friendly bacteria in the body which eventually helps in controlling yeast growth. Consumption of good amount of water helps the body in maintaining right PH balance in vagina to cure infection and works as good home remedy. Mixture of olive leaf extract, grape fruit seed extract with a glass of water is a great tonic for curing yeast problem. Keeping the affected areas dry, using cotton under garments and avoiding tight fitted clothes also help immensely in avoiding yeast infection. Avoid excess douching of vagina, scented toilet papers, tampons and pads.