Herbal libido enhancer for women to Increase Female libido and Increase Sex Derive

There are many problems related to sexual dysfunction faced by people once in their lives. Women around the globe, who faced low libido due to physical and psychological factors like stress, hormonal changes, diet, ageing, depression and fatigue. Females faced low libido due to child birth also. At the stage of pregnancy a female has to suffer a lot of pain or any complications. Due to this many female find that their sex life suffers a lot.

The low libido in females occurs mostly during old age. As females get older her vaginal areas get dry. This can led to low libido in females which can irritate and frustrate them. There are many treatments to boost female libido. People are mostly getting more attracted towards antibiotics, sex pills or pills like Viagra rather then natural treatments. They think that pills work faster than any other treatments. But people are not aware that pills can have many side effects like they can cause nasal problem, asthma and fatigue.

There are some treatments to boost female libido

  1. Chocolates are the best way to boost female as well as male libido. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content contains phenylalanine. Amino acid led raises the mood and help in boost arousal.
  2. Consume foods which are highly rich in zinc. Zinc gives energy as well as boost libido in females.
  3. Consuming sea foods are good to boost female libido like oysters, eggs of sturgeon fish and shrimps. Sea food contains phosphorous and vitamin B which helps to producing and increases the sex ability.
  4. Low libido caused by stress, lack of sleep and depression. So try to slow down your stress and take proper sleep. This also helps you a lot in boost libido.
  5. Avoid taking excess medications and contraceptive pills. This can affect your sex drives. These pills can affect your hormones which are responsible for sex drive in females as well as in males also.
  6. Exercises are also helps to boost female libido. Exercises give you energy and freshens your brain. It helps you in blood circulation and also fitness to all over your body. Performing prayanama, yoga and aerobics all these are very effective measures to boost female libido.
  7. Avoid sugar and sweets of all kind. It can reduce your energy. Take a nutritious diet and foods which are highly rich in proteins and vitamins. This balanced diet gives you energy and increase the libido.
  8. Certain perfumes and scents can seduce the women. While performing sexual intercourse use some fragrances.
  9. Try to learn different sexual positions. It also helps to boost sex ability, sex toy and location.
  10. Here are some food lists that help to boost female libido. Nuts like almond, figs, chilly peppers, chocolates, oysters and celery. Some herbs are also good to boost female libido like avena sativa, ginkgo biloba and ginseng.  These herbs give energy, proper circulation to brain and moisten the tissues of female sexual organs. And also helps to increase the lower level of testosterone.

Shilajit for Sexual Health

Shilajit helps to increases the energy and stamina of sexual intercourse. It is very common and effective herb to remain young.