Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge Treatments and Natural home Remedies

Foul smelling vaginal discharge is a very pesky thing for a woman to have. And yet 1 in every 3 women suffers from this. This condition can be a very embarrassing thing to have, imagine having the foul smell lingering wherever you go, and it makes people think that you have bad hygiene, which I am sure you don’t. Not only that, the foul smelling vaginal discharge makes you feel uncomfortable with your significant other, and makes you not want to have an intimate moment together.

Afoul smelling vaginal discharge is just one of the characteristics of bacterial vaginosis, which mean that your vagina have a more build up of bad bacteria (which makes the foul smell) that the good ones, which helps fights off bad bacteria.

Conventional medication for BV however are not recommended as it is only a temporary solution, it kills off all bacteria including good ones, leaving your vagina exposed to more bad bacteria.

If you are aware of having a foul smelling vaginal discharge, it may well be that others have noticed it too. Very rarely is it as a result of poor hygiene and you may have already discovered that no matter how many times you wash during the day, the smell never goes away. In fact you could just be making it worse!

There are a few simple steps which will help show you how to get rid of foul smelling vaginal discharge and very often, these are all that is required for you to regain freshness “down below”.

Avoid Overwashing

Do not wash more than twice a day, no matter how bad the smell is. Overwashing can simply deplete the vagina’s natural protective lubricants which will working hard to eliminate the bacteria causing the unpleasant smell. Stripping the area of these lubricants means that the body has to start again from scratch!

Avoid Perfumed Products

Never use perfumed products around the vaginal area, even when things seem normal. These can upset the natural balance which contributes to foul smelling vaginal discharge. You should always use a gentle, unperfumed soap.

Choice Of Underwear

Always wear cotton panties as these can allow some air to circulate around the vaginal area. Synthetic fabrics will trap warmth and moisture, thus creating the ideal conditions for bad vaginal odors to form.

Sanitary Protection

Pay particular attention to regularly changing your sanitary protection throughout your period as stale blood can cause a bad odor. In addition, ensure that you remove the last tampon of your period. Some women find it very helpful to wear a thin panty pad when they have foul smelling vaginal discharge, even when not on their period as they can absorb a surprising amount of odor and can be changed frequently and discreetly during the day.

If your vaginal odor is accompanied by a gray or white watery discharge and irritation around the vaginal area, you are very likely to have a common condition called bacterial vaginosis.