Foods That Increase Sperm Count and Improve Semen Quality Naturally

Food means good quality food and for sure we must search, prepare and eat constantly if we expect any good results. Garbage in garbage out and that’s exactly it. When we talk about sperm quality we refer to 3 basic items namely sperm count (the quantity per millilitre), motility (the speed and straightness when it is swimming) and morphology (the shape and looks of the sperm). Sperm diet and its nutrition go hand in hand and none can be dropped in favor of an alternative. In talking nutrition, there are many other items that must also be left or avoided as well.

The food substances or ingredients that should be taken include: saw palmetto, amino acids (L-arginine and L-carnitine), acai, maca, zinc, lycopene, water, vitamin A, C, B6, B12 and E, folate, selenium, manganese, coenzyme Q10, essential fatty acids and necessary herbs. Accompanying these is a good rundown of weekly exercises to water down any stress and built up of wastes.

Water is good all round and should be taken in adequate quantities at least 8 glasses per day to avoid any onset of dehydration. All other liquids can be easily accessed but water is often ignored; it is recommended that it should be made a habit. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) plant has extracts that promote libido and sharpen sperm quality. Its history attests to this as a stamina booster during civil wars. Sal palmetto is rich in the good fatty acids and harmless sterols and it is known to promote good sperm production in the testicles. Good suppliers of zinc are oysters, poultry, whole grains and sometimes red meat. This element is basic in the manufacturer of sperms and during absorption and uptake of vitamins. It is also said to be a perfect ingredient in ensuring that their survival is boosted. Acai is one plant in some countries in South America that right now its contents are blended with many energy soft drinks. It is an energy and fertility booster.

Common carotenoids like lycopenes are essential in their role as anti oxidants. In their action, they have been known to also increase fertility by boosting sperm morphology. The main suppliers of this ingredient are fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, grapefruits, watermelons, papaya and many others supply basic structural carotenoids. Vitamins in general are fillers of caps that are left open by the many food substances that are required by the body. Vitamin A, and C do an exceptional duty of boosting sperm quality; the main sources are milk and fruits respectively. Vitamin B12 is essential in DNA and RNA blue print generation and if not supplied in adequate quantities can lead to damage of genes and may promote mutation process. The main providers of vitamin B12 are fermented foods, lamb and salmon fish. Amino acids L-arginine and L- carnitine are the building blocks of sperms; they promote sperm maturation, formation and maintenance in the testes, supplying the much needed compounds for perfection.

Folate or folic acid come from mainly any dark green vegetables and it’s basically a sperm morphological stabilizer against any likely abnormalities being produced. Vitamin E absence is catastrophic; sperms may not be produced at all. The sources are organ meats, eggs, wheat germ, whole grains etc.