Female Therapeutic Sex

Female Therapeutic Sex is simply sex between partners, where the female is post-menopausal, and the activity is designed to intensely satisfy the female. It is an important factor for a woman in helping to minimize the effects of menopause and maintain a natural lifestyle.

While the concept of Female Therapeutic Sex is relatively new, the desired effects of its use pre-date the study of the female anatomy. Long before medical science developed drugs to minimize the unwanted effects of menopause, women have suffered and dealt with these effects. However, in the world today the effects of menopause are amplified by stress. Intense sexual activity can dampen or even eliminate everyday stress.

The female’s partner must realize that his role in this activity is one of satisfying the female with little regard for his own sexual gratification. Although the techniques discussed in this article may be satisfying to both man and woman, they are specifically designed to intensely stimulate the female’s sexual needs.

Not to be left behind, medical science has realized that they must have an answer for the effects of menopause hence the development and release of a plethora of “little blue pills” designed to take the edge off stress and enhance sexual pleasure for women. While most of these remedies work and some can even be deemed to be natural, they all are temporary at best and can have unwanted side effects. While sexual activity is the very essence of natural behavior.

Although all of the ideas you are about to learn have been tested and used with great success, some may work for you while others may not it is up to you to use and enhance anyof the techniques described here for your best results. It is important to rememberthat good results will take time. So lets get started with our first session.

Session #1 – Re-Discovery: No matter how long you have been with your partner, and no matter how well you know each other’s bodies. We are going to start from scratch as if you are standing naked in front of each other for the first time. And that is exactly how you are going to start session one. Standing naked in front of your partner. I suggest being in the shower to start. Using a bar of scented soap, the male should start by touching and lathering the female from the neck down, being sure to pay particular attention to her breasts and nipples. Stop at the waist, hold the females breasts and rub her nipples until they are hard and stand up. Now proceed down her thighs. Move to one side of her and place one hand in the small of her back while reaching her crotch with your other hand. The bar of soap should be in the hand on her crotch. With a gentle rubbing motion, create as much lather as possible. The soap against her pubic hair should help this along. Now put the bar of soap down and return your hand, open, to her pubic area. Still standing on her side, gently press her pubic area and her back in a steady, pulsing manner as if to bring your hands together. Be careful not to do this to hard. The female may orgasm here, especially if the male has spent sufficent time rubbing her nipples and her pubic area. Remember this is Female Therapeutic Sex, the object is for the female to be satisfied a number of times in a variety of ways. Let her stop and enjoy this as long as she wants, or even repeat this proceedure until she is ready to move on. Next, with the bar of soap in one hand, spread her legs slightly and pass it between her legs making sure to rub against her clitoris, vagina and anus. Do not attempt to insert the soap bar in any orafice, as this would cause to much discomfort and not help to relieve any stress or tension. Now move the bar of soap to the hand that was on her back. Gently rub her bottom with the soap bar, making sure to make contact with both cheeks. Once her bottom is lathered up, begin rubbing her clitoris with your other hand while continuing to rub her bottom. She will orgasim again. Repeat this several times making sure to maintain a good lather. Let her rest for a couple minutes before continuing. So far this first session has been a warm-up for her first intense sexual contact. Now remaining on her side the male drops to his knees. The hand that was rubbing her bottom now slides between her cheeks, the males index finger finds her anus and is inserted as far as possible. This may hurt the female at first, especially if the soap being used is not gentle enough. The hurt will pass quickly as the male moves his remaining fingers to her vagina. Carefully seperating the folds and placing the middle finger in her vagina, the male now uses the other hand to once again stimulate her clitoris. The female’s climaxes will be long and hard and should be repeated several times. At this point she may need a rest, rinse off all the soap making sure to get the soap out of her anus and vagina. Then carefully dry her off and let her lay down and rest.

Session #2 – Getting Started: Rest time is over. It is always good to let her catch her breath but never let her fall asleep. She must maintain a certain level of awareness of intense sexual activity for it to be effective. She should now be lying on her back on the bed. Place a pillow under her back just below the shoulder blades. The idea here is to arch her back in such a way that her breasts become full and her nipples stand erect. Using the open palms of your hand, gently rub her nipples, barely touching them. Resist the urge to grab her breast or apply downward pressure to her nipples. It is the light touch that will create the strongest sensation here. After a short while her nipples will become soft and no longer erect. That’s OK it just means it is time to move on. Now using one hand, slide it gently down her belly until it rests on her pubic area. Rub her here for a short while until she instinctively spreads her legs apart. Now proceed with the three middle fingers of that same hand until you have her clitoris against your middle finger. Begin a slow steady massage of her clitoris with the middle finger using the fingers on either side to separate and hold open the folds around her clitoris. She will climax here. Repeat this clitoral massage several times bringing her to a climax each time. You will notice that her nipples have once again become erect. It is time to slide your hand back up to her breasts and begin rubbing her nipples again. This time the rubbing of her nipples will cause her to climax. Do not linger here to long, it is time to get back to her clitoris and bring her several times again with a clitoral massage. This can be a tiring process for the male and cause him to loose some of the intensity in his motion that is essential to the female. If that happens, then this becomes a good time to introduce an aid to the process. Instead of the male’s fingers on the nipples and on her clitoris, a vibrator can be used and may even prove more effective, especially as the session progresses. This entire process can be repeated as many times as both parties can. It requires an extraordinary amount of strength and concentration but it does get things started. Now turn the female over on her stomach and move the pillow under her hips elevating her bottom. Let her rest a short bit before we begin the next session, ass play.

Session #3 – Ass Play: The female’s bottom requires special attention. It can be a major factor in establishing the intensity of her sexual experience. Start by massaging each cheek with both hands. This may have a relaxing effect which will dull the sexual experience and be counter-productive. It can be easily dealt with by administering a good spanking. The goal of the spanking is to get her bottom red and warm to the touch, not to bruise or otherwise hurt her. If you are using your hand, about 10 to 12 strokes should suffice. If you are using a paddle, 5 to 6 strokes should get the desired results. A paddle is not recommended until or unless the female is used to being spanked. If she is new to sexual spanking, use only a hand to administer the strokes. Now that her bottom is ready, begin massaging each cheek again. With one hand on each cheek, separate them slightly to reveal her anus. Using a good lubricant, insert the index finger of one hand. Slowly move it in a circular motion as it penetrates her rectum. Without forcing it, move as deep inside her rectum as possible. Now with the other hand, bring it around her finding her clitoris with your fingers and begin a clitoral massage. You will know when she is about to climax. At that point back out of her rectum slightly and move your finger as deep as possible until she climaxes. Repeat the clitoral massage and when she is ready to climax add the middle finger in her rectum. Repeat this process several times until she appears exhausted. Do not let her rest here! If necessary administer another spanking. It is important that she remain concentrated on her sexual satisfaction. Ass Play is not the same as Anal Sex. Anal sex is the insertion of the male’s penis in the female’s anus. While anal sex can be incorporated into Ass Play we do not recommend it as part of female therapeutic sex. The desired effect for the female can be easily reached without anal sex. However, anal and rectal stimulation is an essential part of Ass Play and there is only so much that can be done with the fingers. We recommend using an anal probe to facilitate stimulation here. They are available in a number of sizes and it is best to start small and work up to a size about equal to the male’s penis. We suggest starting with one that is about the size of a standard enema nozzle. Once the probe is inserted allow the female to contract her anus which has the effect of sucking the probe inside her rectum. Do not allow the probe to be inserted so deep that it cannot be retrieved easily. It is the anal muscles that cause the most desired stimulation here so it is important to slowly and completely remove and re-insert the probe to achieve maximum stimulation. While this is happening, once again stimulate her clitoris with the fingers of your other hand until she climaxes several times. Now change the pattern of stimulation by holding the probe inside her anus, motionless, and stimulating her clitoris again. You can keep her bottom red and warm by sucking on each cheek while you massage her clitoris. Note: Never spank her while a probe is inserted in her anus. If it has been a while since you spanked her, remove the probe, wash her bottom with a warm wet cloth, as well as your hands, spank her again until she is red and warm, remove the pillow from under her hips and turn her over to begin session #4.

Session #4 – Her Turn: Now it is her turn, by this time she is ready for any and everything. Let her decide what will increase her pleasure from here. She may request anal sex, vaginal penetration, or maybe she will just want to feel her partner’s penis in her hands or against her breasts. Accommodate her desire as best as you can but remember she is going to need to climax again so don’t find yourself in the position of not being able to finish the job. Let her take control but only as long as she maintains her sexual intensity. If she is beginning to become more and more relaxed, it maybe time to finish her therapy. Always end on a high note for her. Using your fingers, massage her clitoris until she climaxes and repeat this stimulation until she can no longer reach an orgasm. She is done and will need a rest, but before she rests, one final session remains. Get her up and back in the shower for session five.

Session #5 – Clean Up: Intense sexual activity can be messy. Nothing like a quick warm shower to wash away any residue from lubricants and ejaculation fluids. If anal sex was a part of the last session, or if excessive lubricant was used during Ass Play, then administer a small cleansing enema to relax the anus and clear her rectum. Use warm water and a soft soap for this. After washing her and after she has evacuated the water from the enema, dry her off and let her sleep for as long as she wants. You should have put clean sheets on her bed while she was evacuating the enema. After she is in bed ask her if she wants you to lay with her or leave her alone for a while. Remember this entire process was for her so don’t be surprised if she wants to be left alone for a while to enjoy the feelings left from her Therapeutic Sexual experience.