Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and male Impotence Treatment and Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common problem that most men experience at some point in their lives. In younger men, erectile dysfunction is usually caused by external factors like stress, cigarette use, or excessive drinking. Guys all around the world want a bigger penis and how can you blame them. Women love big erections.

The truth is that penis pills and pumps don’t work as they’re scams and have never given a single man a bigger erection. Thankfully I’m here to tell you how you can get both longer and thicker for the rest of your life with your own two hands. How to enlarge the size of your penis? This is a question that most men at some point ask themselves. Even those men who have no need for it. There is no doubt that men who have bigger penises are far more confident around women then men who have smaller penises. If you have a smaller than average manhood then you don’t have to accept it. There are ways to enlarge the size of your penis naturally quickly and permanently.

Other Causes

There are multiple potential causes of erectile dysfunction, many of which might be affected with herbal remedies. Poor circulation may cause the condition, in which case gingko is a well-known cure. The African herb yohimbe can aid staying power and ginseng is thought to increase testosterone levels. If alcohol has limited your sexual capacity with liver damage, milk thistle and shizandra can help to rebuild your internal damaged organ. Stress can lead to ED, and kava and valerian are two herbs that can combat the problem. It is very important to keep an eye on your prescription drugs that may be leading to your condition.

Benefits to Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

  1. Weight loss- Most men who naturally cure impotence will also lose 10-40 pounds because of a new ‘way of thinking’ about food and health habits.
  2. Confidence- Imagine feeling like you are 20 years younger and performing like you are! Confidence is everything for a man and you can regain that confidence in days!
  3. Overall health- When were you the healthiest? Do you remember how you felt? By pumping your circulation levels and curing impotence, you can feel that way again!
  4. Live Longer- Natural Remedies are a form of homeopathic treatment which treats the whole body. You are actually treating the problem and the symptoms. By limiting yourself to E.D. pills, you are simply treating the symptoms of impotence.
    Unfortunately, millions of men can make this fatal error.

Simple Home Remedies for Impotence that Work!

If you suffer from an erectile dysfunction it is time to change a few lifestyle habits and get back what time has taken from you! And you can begin to naturally cure your erectile dysfunction with these simple home remedies for low levels of blood circulation.

  1. Relax- What makes you feel most relaxed? Are you always stressed? Both of these are causes of an erectile dysfunction. Here are some simple tips to get yourself to relax: stop smoking, wean yourself off of caffeine, eat fewer carbohydrates, and find a place to exercise 30 minutes everyday.
  2. Vitamins- Do you know the core vitamins you should take if you suffer from E.D.? I would start with Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency has been a cause of impotence in some men. Find a quality vitamin A supplement at your local health store.
  3. Reflexology- Do you realize the research coming out on feet? Doctors and scientists are astonished on how much the condition of our feet has on our overall health. In fact, some experts contend that your feet are the lifeline of your whole health. Do you know what spots on your feet are linked to impotence?
  4. Zinc- You should be supplementing zinc ASAP! Whenever a person sufferers from zinc, they are also more prone to sexual dysfunction. You should be supplementing 15-30 mg of zinc per day along with a copper supplement.
  5. Fiber- Your diet is very important to your treatment. You should be eating adequate amounts of fiber and especially water-soluble fiber (fruits and vegetables). Fiber flushes the body and also the plaque in the arteries (cause of poor circulation).
  6. Breathing- Did you know that you most likely are not getting enough oxygen? Make sure you learn easy breathing techniques to keep oxygen levels high in the blood. This will increase circulation levels. And the best thing is, you can do them from the comfort of your office chair!
  7. Water- How much water is enough? Do you know that you should be drinking half your weight in ounces per day? If you weigh 200 pounds you should be drinking 100 ounces of water!