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You enjoy math, chemistry, and you thrash out algorithms to solve practical problems. You are smart; actually, you’re a geek! But being a geek shouldn’t stop you from actively dating. It would be possible that spending too much time studying, reading, solving problems, and pursuing other “egghead” activities might leave you a little light on social techniques. Here’s a scientific way to we hope solve your dating problem and get on the road to success in the exiting world of internet dating.


Geeks are afraid to date. That’s a given. They are afraid they might come out too nerdy, weird or boring. But believe it or not, girls don’t avoid geeks like the plague. In fact, many people find geeks interesting and even cute. So relax, there’s no “Do Not Date” sign printed on your forehead. Dating is something that everybody does, so there’s no reason that a geek can’t do it well.


Your biggest challenge as a geek is to overcome this fright and ask girls out. Fear not, for what is unknown to you, is laid out step by step in the solution below.


Step 1: Overcoming Communication Issues

Probably the biggest dating problem facing geeks would be communication. Geeks tend to use too much technical jargon. In social settings, this gets worse because they tend to switch to sci-fi mode and lose non-geeks with their references to scenes from Star Wars or names from the planet Tatooine. So there: not everyone is into science fiction and video games.

Step 2: Bridging the communication gap

Quite simply, this issue can be most effectively solved by the techniques of effective communication. Effective communication states that misunderstanding can be avoided if parties try to understand the person they are talking to, and try to picture their conversation from that other person’s point of view.

When you talk to someone, a potential date, imagine if she will appreciate your geeky terms. What is she like, her background? What is she interested in? Try to picture your conversation through her eyes, and visualize how she would receive what you’re saying.

Step 3: Show Your Interest

Be genuinely interested in knowing her. Be aware of where they are coming from when they are talking to you. So, in turn, you can better understand them.

Remember that in most communications, the actual words make up only 7 percent of the message, while the remaining 93% is non-verbal (body language, facial expression, eye contact, voice tone and quality). So be mindful of the messages you send.

Step 4: Take It Slow

Date unhurriedly; take time in meeting people and asking more than one girl out on a date. There’s no need to dive into a deeper relationship with someone unless you have had the time to know each other better and to see if you are emotionally ready.

Step 5: Inject Variety

Don’t confine yourself to the usual dinner in a restaurant. Set up a date where one of you prepares a meal at home. Go outdoors for a picnic, kite flying, shopping for fresh produce, a fairground or carnival. Mix the routine with the adventurous venues, and you will have a wealth of diverse experiences and stories to share with your date.

Don’t confine yourself in dating from school or the neighborhood. There are many online dating services available, even for the geek in you. Visit a dating network for geeks like you interested in science, chemists, and biologists. That’s a good place to find a perfect match.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Date to make yourself happy. Who you date is entirely your choice. Whether she is a fellow geek or not, she must be someone you want to spend time with or you will be happy to go out with.

Enjoy the conversations that you are able to carry. Enjoy the busy weekends with several, interesting girls. Enjoy the places, activities and adventures that you embark in as you go on a date. Enjoy the fact that you are getting good at dating.

Being a geek should not get in the way of dating. You simply have to attack it like a math problem that you happily tackle. Know the givens; understand the unknown; and follow the procedure to solve the unknown; and, “Eureka! Dating problem, solved!”