Causes of Vaginal Dryness and Natural Remedy that Works

There can be variety of conditions that may promote vaginal dryness in woman, whatever may be the reason but if this occurs during fertile years of woman becomes a cause of concern. It can be harsh on relationship and woman’s psyche, it can even promote depression in some cases.

Menopause is one of the most common causes of vaginal dryness. During menopause women suffer from hormonal imbalance which causes lack of estrogen hormone in the body to promote this problem. Some women do not suffer from the side effects of menopause and may not face this situation but otherwise vaginal dryness occurs during menopause. Thinning and thickening of vaginal muscles also promote this problem. This problem can be due to infection in the vagina or even due to menopausal effects. Pregnancy and women recovering from child birth can also face this problem due to hormonal activity or may be due to other reasons, if there is no other complication, in such cases, this problem fades away on its own.

Some types of medications also cause vaginal dryness, medicines for depression, high blood pressure, cancer, allergy and ulcer are known to promote dryness in some cases. Some types of sexually transmitted diseases also cause dryness. There are other medical conditions like vaginismus which is not directly linked to vaginal dryness but can cause it due to psychological reasons. Vaginismus causes muscle spasms if anything penetrates vagina which does not allow a woman to get aroused due to anticipation of pain during sex. Stress, anxiety and particularly performance anxiety are few other psychological reasons for vaginal dryness. Women suffering from diabetes and hyper or hypothyroidism may also face dryness temporarily till these diseases are not controlled.

Too much douching of vagina disturbs its PH balance which can cause yeast infection in the vagina which causes pain during urination and sex and can promote vaginal dryness too. Using scented tampons, pads or using deodorants, talcum powder close to vagina can also cause yeast infection to promote dryness in vagina. Strained relationship with male partner can also cause this problem due to lack of interest of woman in sex, some woman may be allergic to latex, a material used for making condoms, which can also cause vaginal dryness. Lactating mothers may also face this condition due to estrogen levels however this is not something which every women may face.

Sometimes sexual dysfunction in male partner promotes low libido or lack of desire in woman for sex which in turn does not allow her to get sufficiently lubricated. Injury to spinal chord like multiple sclerosis can also cause vaginal dryness, recovering from this situation depends upon the gravity of the injury. Some couples use petroleum based lubricants during lovemaking which may cause dryness after some time if not immediately as it can damage the mucous membrane of vagina, water based lubricants are safe to be used. HerSolution gel is highly trusted and widely used moisturizing lubricant by women. Women using oral contraceptives or having irregular sex for a long time may develop this problem however sufficient foreplay and proper lubrication can remove this problem in such cases.