Can Pick Up Lines Mess You Up: Adult Matchmaker

The last few years got big on the whole pick up topic. Whole new forums, sites and products are emerging where people discuss various tactics and strategies on the pick up field. This is very good trend, however there is one particular problem that pick up lines have that can really mess you up.

The reason I write this article is that such thing did mess me, messed some of the people I know, and can mess you. It can really stop your progress in the whole social skills field. And knowing this, you can avoid it.

Let me explain how it works. If you use particular pick up line, especially one that someone else gave you, you’re putting responsibility on that line instead of yourself. If it fails – you can say “Well, it was the line, not me”.

Another reason to be careful is getting into gimmicky mode. You see a cool chick on your way – and BAM – you shot your pick up line as a habit. Having such habit is actually good thing. Having a habit where you shoot the same line over and over again however is not. It puts a limit on your conversation skills i.e. you’re losing the ability to think and make things on the spot.

Those two reasons can stop your progress and the worst part – you will feel that empty frustrating feeling of trying that hard and getting so far. It’s subconscious thing.

Here is a clever way how you can avoid that. Make your own pick up lines and conversation starters. Things that you find cool and things that are interesting for you.

Really it’s THAT simple.

This way you know that it’s yours, that it fit your style and isn’t automatic response you say like a robot.

Best idea to start is taking notice on how people around you greet themselves. Not only the words but the overall attitude and approach. You’ll see that even simple “Hey” or “Hello” with the right and friendly attitude can do wonders compared to the corny “Nice dress, did you make yourself?” with low energy.

The sooner you start doing that for yourself, the better you’ll be feeling and the faster you’ll go further in your social skills. Otherwise you may turn into those people that manage to chat with all kinds of women, date a whole bunch of them and at the end feel empty again. And we don’t need any more of those.

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