Better Vaginal Sex

Good sex is a mixture of different components, all of which combine to make the act pleasurable for both parties. This article intends to take you through some of the good vaginal sex components and facts. Overall, intercourse is an intimate encounter and demands a little know how and a lot of communication with your partner.

Some women have no problem reaching orgasm from simple vaginal penetration because the movement of the labia can provide some clitoral stimulation while the nerve endings inside the vagina are delicately engorged. Still there are many women (some estimates would say as high as 60%) who for anatomical or psychological reasons can’t reach orgasm from penetration alone. This isn’t because something’s wrong! Sexual intercourse alone doesn’t treat the clitoris to direct stimulation, it almost ignores this important erogenous area altogether.

A woman who wants to become orgasmic has a variety of options to try. One of the most useful and enjoyable is a well kept secret sometimes referred to as the T position. Begin by the female partner laying on her back. The man, laying perpendicular, straddles the woman’s leg farthest from him. For example, if the man lays on the left side of the woman, he straddles her right leg. The other leg lays atop the man. This position exposes the clitoris for stimulation, which either partner can do. Use a water-based lubricant and tenderly massage the clitoris while slowly rocking back and forth, thrusting the penis gently in and out. While this double stimulation is very gratifying, most important is how relaxing and intimate it is. Sometimes it’s difficult to provide the required stimulation manually so employ a vibrator designed to provide intense clitoral stimulation. Couples find this method relaxing because they are able to lay down, neither partner having to hold his or her weight, and intimate because with a little adjustment you can talk, enjoy wine or just gaze into one another’s eyes. Being comfortable, relaxed, and stimulated properly is the key for some women to becoming orgasmic.

Another method changes the way the woman is entered, creating an angle that better stimulates the clitoris. First, the woman lies on her back with her legs shut. Spread some lubricant on the man’s penis or dildo if you’re using one. Entry now should cause more stimulation to the clitoris, and more friction at the nerve-rich surface of the vagina. Many men also find that it is a very nice feeling on their penis. For a variation, the man can face his partner’s legs and then the most sensitive part of the penis (frenulum) comes in contact with the clitoris. Finally, you may wish to use a vibrator during intercourse. A quality electric vibrator is powerful enough to provide stimulation to both the clitoris and the penis. Using a vibrator with the T position offers a nice way to stimulate both the woman and man.

More thrusting does not necessarily mean more fun. Many couples enjoy insertion and then
a simple rocking back and forth. This can be extremely satisfying because it allows both partners to relax with one another. Other couples enjoy shallow thrusting because it provides a great deal of mutual stimulation. Whatever you prefer, remember that the most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina are near the opening, and therefore constant stimulation of that area can be gratifying. For the male, shallow penetration allows constant stimulation of the head of the penis and specifically the frenulum which are both squeezed by the vaginal muscles located near the vaginal opening. If you do not know what type of thrusting your partner likes you can exchange positions. One partner can be on top and dictate the rhythm of penetration and then after a while exchange positions. This is a way to mutually determine what sort of rhythm you will have during vaginal intercourse.

Thrusting is made more enjoyable with lubricant. Sometimes a woman does not produce a sufficient amount of natural lubrication on her own, and lubrication on both the vagina and penis are helpful for better sex. Prolonged sex can also reduce natural lubrication, and creams or oils can be applied at intervals along the way.