Are you Beddable? Know if youaeve got the hots in bed

A healthy sex life is one of the key factors to have a successful and happy relationship. Say, if your sex life is unhealthy, then that’s a huge problem. That could tell you on your face that you won’t achieve long lasting relationship. As a matter of fact, sex is one of the basic needs of human and it’s the essential means to express love and the highest form of human interaction.

However, question will arise if you are a good sex partner? How will you know if you really have the hots in bed? How well do you mutually connect with your partner? A person who is bad in bed will have a hard time to establish sexual and intimate connection with his or her partner.

Ask and contemplate on yourself: “Am I good in bed? Do I satisfy my partner?” If you in turn had a difficult time to answer such questions as these, then try to read your partner’s reactions. This post will actually help you how to decipher or evaluate thyself whether or not you are a perfect lover in bed. Read on the list and it’ll help you.

1. Asking your partner is one of the best and reliable thing to do. You could at least ask him or her if they are satiated with the love making you both just had. An open and honest communication will actually help improve the sexual aspect of your relationship.

2. Giving multiple orgasms. Are you able to make your partner moan in pleasure? If YES, you have managed to give him or her ultimate heavenly feeling–sexually. Much more if you heard their feedbacks after or during sex.

3. Turn him or her on–FULL BLAST in bed. Does your partner get easily turned on by you? Read your partner’s body language when both of you are in bed. If he or she easily gets turned on even just a simple naughty gesture from you, then you really got the sexual appeal. But if your partner is moody and shy away most of the time, then it’s time to work out more on new strategies.

4. The look in her or his face and the glow in their eyes. When you make love and during the activity you see her or him that glow in their face and they see them yours too. It only means that both of you have performed well.

5. Communicate that burning passion. As aforementioned, be honest in what you feel and be openly active when it comes to indulging your partner with his or her desires. It gives you good feeling how two minds, bodies and soul radiates mutually intimate satisfaction and contentment after good sex.

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