Aphrodisiac Foods that Increases Sexual Desire and Potency

Aphrodisiac is common ailment found in both men and women. In today’s world where both men and women have to work in order to sustain properly common detest towards the sexual life sets in. In an excessive pressure to manage both personal and professional life people often tend to neglect the sexual life. This neglect gradually beings in a lower sexual drive in both the sexes. Besides this some men and women have inbuilt low libido in them. Whatever may be the reason, lack of sexual desire can destroy the conjugal life of both men and women. It is essentially very important to treat this condition before it turns into depression in your life. A satisfactory sexual life is expected and deserved by everyone. It makes our life joyful and sufficient in various aspects.

Effects of synthetic drugs are doubtful. Also they cast adverse side effects which are very harmful for our body. They can cause hormonal imbalances which can be very tough to deal with. This is why people prefer to have natural treatments. Here are a few natural treatments to deal with low libido problem. Natural treatments, in this case include foods that can change things for you. Food, a very vital ingredient plays one of the most important roles in life. Listed below are the names of a few foods which you can take to treat aphrodisiac conditions in both males and females. They are common and are well available in your kitchen. When you eat them, they cast a direct impact on your sex life.

Alcohol, over consumption of which can have sedative influence on you, has been used since ages to the advantage of lovemaking. Champagne, famous as the “Drink of Love” ignites body warmth. Chocolate relaxes as well as stimulates seduction lowering inhibition and causing desire to have physical contact. Oysters change their sexes frequently from male to female. Intake of it lures you to experience both the masculine and feminine aspects of lovemaking. Truffles with their musky aroma are known to give rise to palate. Banana’s lush creamy texture improves male performance. Figs were celebrated by the ancients Greeks in copulation ritual. Asparagus has been reputed to have aphrodisiac powers. Avocado hanging from trees resemble male testicles. They have amazing amount of antioxidants evoking sexual mood. Celery contains androsterone that stimulates female sexual hormones. Besides these nutmegs, honey, chilli, honey, garlic and licorice are known to be very effective aphrodisiac foods.