3 Dating Tips That Work Big Time : RedHotPie

You want to know how to approach women so that you NEVER again feel intimidated about walking up to a beautiful woman, introducing yourself, and maybe getting a date with her. The only thing is, it is much easier to say that you are going to approach women the right way than it is to actually go out and do it. When you spot a good looking girl, are you going to walk up to her without a second guess or are you going to end up shying away?

Here are 3 little tips that work big time and will help you approach women successfully:

1. Don’t assume that she is going to reject you. In fact, you should train yourself to expect the OPPOSITE. If you expect that she is going to reject you, then you are NOT going to step up to her with your best game by any means. You are probably going to end up looking like a guy that is somewhat awkward, and of course that is not going to look good on you.

2. Approach her with more than just a pickup line. If you are going to get up the nerve to make your approach on a woman, don’t shoot yourself in the leg by using some outdated pickup line. If you want to use an opener, try something more creative and more relevant to the situation.

3. When you approach a woman, hold your head up high. What I really mean, is let your body language say that you are an alpha male that deserves her attention and that she would be a fool not to give you a chance. Body language can say it all, more than a few clever words can ever handle, and you want to approach her and look like you are the alpha male.