10 Tips For The Ritzy Lady

These 10 sophisticated tips are secrets that fully aware women have perfected. Test them. They need to be well thought over and considered daily until you possess them. Never dismiss the potency of knowledge to get you what you want.

1. Cultivate mystique. Don’t disclose private details or your past.

2. Be suggestive. Intensify his emotions without being open.

3. Be potentially available.

4. Learn poise – come out of every situation cool. Raw language and tantrums disclose your female inadequacies.

5. Leave them short. Men, being natural hunters, get bored when desserts are served as a first course.

6. You decide what you’re worth. Make certain that you have your own life – and live it!

7. Don’t be familiar. You don’t want to be treated like an old pair of slippers. Let him have the pleasure of his own private life.

8. Grooming and etiquette are not out of date. I will add that, no matter what the fashion, there is absolutely nothing more alluring to a male’s inner pull than a woman confident of her femininity.

9. Run your own financial life – be quietly rich. Personal management is smart.

10. Never take leftovers. You are not desperate or dependent.

The most important tip is to control your emotions, or your life will run away in far flung directions. You must ask the mirror each morning “What do I want?” and continue throughout the day steadfast with your blueprint.

Women who imagine poor standards for themselves often attempt to possess men with psychological handcuffs. They flash signals of their fears in cloying, smothering behaviour, such as snooping and persistent phone calls. Set aside these demands now. Do a mindmap of your future. Jot this down: You will have no end of trouble if you deceive a man into marriage. His discontent will rear up nastily.

Your career and lifestyle must have your immediate attention. Seek mentors and associate with a new crowd of positive people who will encourage your confidence. Promise yourself a book a week.

Pursue knowledge in every key area of your blueprint, itemizing your steps to fulfilment. Replace the loop of wishing with doing. Vitality moves the slump. Change the stale energy by invoking the ancient art of Feng Shui. Don’t dwell on “rejections” by stuffing your emotions with chocolate and poisonous thoughts. There is no cure here. Pampering the mind is dangerous. Fluffy friends want you to remain part of the gang. Acting girlish to escape responsibility is silly, simplistic and dizzy. Study the media and popular opinion. Can you slip out of the leash and make some serious decisions? Sometime in your life you will realize that you must command your own ship.

Answer some questions. Who is taking your money? Can you cut your credit? An organized mind is vastly superior to a “happy mess”. Do you escape maturity by declaring yourself “hopeless” when you are truly lazy? Are you flattered when others refer to you as “dippy?” If he turns your dial does he get a cheap soapie? Is your blotchy past public property? Are you compelled to give everyone five minute updates on your diary? It’s time to become a woman.

If you are looking for a relationship with a man, don’t show yourself as emotionally hungry, and be careful to accept only your ideal man. By the way, there is no shortage of such wonderful men, but you must arrange for your life to happen.